Lethal Acoustics by Rani Ramakrishnan

Title: Lethal Acoustics

Author: Rani Ramakrishnan

Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited

Date of Publication: December 2018

Rating: 4/5

The sequel to The Quack House, Lethal Acoustics immediately grabs the reader’s attention not just by its name but its brilliantly done cover. Added to the bright purple background colour is the presence of a wave of sound that flows past two joggers who seem to be crashed by a time bomb. What’s going on you may say? Well, its too lethal is the only answer.

Written in a lucid and easy to read style, Lethal Acoustics arouses interest in ways more than one. The story revolves around Manju and Sunil.
The protagonist Manju has suffered a major trauma over ten years ago, for which she had therapy. She decides to start her own venture where she can hear others’ problems, and offer possible solutions. This is her ‘Quack House’, her dream venture run by her and financed by her husband Sunil. Manju is humble and hard working while Sunil is a caring and supportive husband.

One day unusual sounds in the Quack House bring everyone to a state of alarm. What is this sound and who is behind this cacophony? The author’s superior writing style is the cherry on the cake for an intricately built plot line that is charming to say the least. Set at 62 pages, the book is a short read and thoroughly gripping with full of suspense. With proper characterisation and well built climaxes, this multiple climaxed novel is a quick but enthralling read on the go.