Joy in a Box and Other Stories by Sally Hanan


Title: Joy in a Box and Other Stories

Author: Sally Hanan

Publisher: Fire Drinkers Publishing

Date of Publication: 24 October 2014

Genre: Short Stories

Rating: 5/5



A must read collection of soul soothing tales.

It fills you on the inside completely. It makes you puff your chest up and stand tall in a crowd. At times it makes you jump high in the air. It makes you euphoric but most of all it becomes the reason for you to continue along the tiring journey of life. It is the feeling of ‘joy’ and Joy in a Box is a joyous read.
The collection encases a number of stories that are poignantly presented to charm the reader. The stories are emotionally captivating and realistic. Some of them are based on real life incidents that had been reported. Others are explications of Biblical narratives. The short stories deal with varied themes of pain that is felt at the loss of a dear one, the difficulties of overcoming the grief of a child’s disappearance, the happiness of childbirth, the shade of parental care, the quirkiness of marital relationship and teenage infatuation. Each story is an emotionally mature representations of human relations which makes the book highly easy to connect with. Most of the instances joy is never devoid of sorrow and vice versa. It is in the balance of both that the little joys of life are felt.
The varied angularity of the stories helps to give newer perspectives. The narrative is fresh, non-repetitive and swift. The stories move in a linear manner and unfold gradually. The style is simple and profound that tugs at the heart. Descriptions are vivid and detailed. The book doesn’t try to impose its views on the readers. All things unnecessary are avoided. It is the surprise endings that leave a sense of pathos. The book instils supernatural nature of faith that is personified in Jesus.

Sensitive, relevant and a mature collection providing a relaxing break from the mundanity of urban lifestyle.