Too Fat to Go to the Moon: Gay Sasquatch Saved My Life by Rob Mc Cleary

Title: Too Fat to go to the Moon

Author: Rob Mc Cleary

Date of Publication: 29 March 2019

Publisher: Zero Books

Rating: 3/5


Set in a futuristic period of the year 2030, Too Fat to go to the Moon has a delusional title that does not quite capture all that is present within the book’s interiors. The book is not an easy read let alone a very difficult one with several fragmented ends coming together through passages that run  wild in a haphazard manner.

Written in a post modern stance, the story plays along the forceful endeavors that NASA has to take in order to set up a trip to outer space. The raffle is won by a man who is too fat to move out of his own house. The comic turns out to be hysterically hilarious here and that is where all the fun of the book lies. Otherwise the writing is rather broken and put up in bits and pieces. Instead he auctions the ticket off, and the winning bid belongs to the patriarch of the Van Kruup family, an American dynasty founded on coal, railroads, and masturbation (not necessarily in that order). But when they lose their inter-generation fortune in the Great Funk Crash, Stanely Van Kruup, sole heir to the Van Kruup fortune, is evicted from the ten thousand acre estate in rural Pennsylvania he has left only once since birth and must search for his (presumed dead) older brother in an attempt to restore his inheritance.

A new expedition into avante garde fiction and post modern realism added with very little sci-fi drama, it is not a novel that can be read in a single sitting or that moves in a very easy to read manner.