Magic Morning Rituals: The Magic of a Morning Ritual for Starting your Day Productively, and Finishing it a Champion! (Endless Abundance Book 3) Kindle Edition by Carri Powers

Title: Magic Morning Rituals

Author: Carri Powers

Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited

Rating: 5/5

Divided into 8 chapters, Magic Morning Rituals is all about the amazing practices that you can incorporate into your daily life to bring about a magical glow to your face.

Magic morning rituals is a book written in order to create the best way for the reader to begin their morning. By using power posing and discussing the importance of a morning ritual it assists the reader in making sure the day in one’s life is not devalued or wasted. Things like exercise, have a good breakfast and coffee weren’t that novel.

The book also claims that these morning rituals bring success and prosperity. Well, one can only be too sure once one has practiced and experienced these in their lives. The four examples provided in the book are exquisite and pave the way for practicality and easy adoption.