On a scale of 1-5:

5/5: Must-read is an understatement. This book is what you should be grabbing next. It has all the qualities of a well thought, well knit and beautifully presented piece of art.

4/5: Excellent. It is as good as the previous but loses the position due to certain minor flaws. However, looking beyond those flaws will reveal a very interesting work.

3/5: Good for a skim. Does not have elements good enough to hold attention for long.

2/5: May be read. May not be read. Not too much of a loss if not read.

1/5: Very poorly done. Read the review and save yourself from further frustration.


Review Policy:

Tee Wai accepts paperback copies, digital galleys and ARCs for reviews in all genres. Wai does not consider any genre as mediocre or insignificant. Though objective with the reviews, Wai is extremely lenient with the ratings and always tries to focus on the silver lining; knowing fully well the painstaking labors of research and writing that rests behind each published work. Resemblances of any sort to anything living or dead is purely coincidental.