Tee Wai

Tee Wai is an avid reader, a book reviewer and an aspiring writer. In the day and age of emphatic loquacity, Wai is a staunch advocate of verbal minimalism and considers quietude as a reliable companion which is equally reciprocated by her books. Wai wakes up to the hullabaloo of books that are yet to be read, immerses in imaginary narratives of dragon fights, desert safaris and thrilling rescue missions while spending time with a nose buried in them. Come along as Wai reviews interesting books, recent releases and all time favorites while trying to grapple with the distinct realms of fictional and non fictional realities.

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Are you an indie writer hoping to receive some honest reviews for your latest release? Are you a publisher looking for a good book reviewer? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. Drop me an email along with your specific format requirements (if any) at teewaiteewai@gmail.com

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