How to Compose Music for Beginners by Forslund Music

Title: How to Compose Music for Beginners

Author: Forslund Music

Publisher: Forslund Music UÜ; 1 edition 

Date of Publication: 11 January 2019

Rating: 5/5

Signing up for Forslund Music can help you receive the top seven tools for a modern composer. If that is not incentive enough then there’s more to this book than meets the eye. With a simple yet sophisticated cover page, the book is divided into 16 chapters that encompass the various ends of what is necessary to compose good music.

To unleash the tidal waves of creativity inside of you, the book provides 16 chapters of easy steps that can be followed to create new music. The book defines melody and what it comprises of. With the help of bullet points at the ends of chapters, the book enlists main questions that may arise in the mind of the reader that are answered further in the successive chapters.

The book is full of interesting and new information such as finding the golden ratio, trying retrograde, inversion, diminution and augmentation. It is very helpful to find the various aspects of music composition all under one roof in a single short yet crisp book.

The note compositions have been drawn as and when required and it forms for a useful depiction along with the short write ups.


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