Benice by Metin Karayaka

Illustrated beautifully by Rohan Eason, Benice is an enticing and gripping story on board a tiny boat. The great thing about this book is its illustrations are done equally well with the narrative plot. For the most part the novel has a lot of impressionistic aspects to it.

Ben Ice, a reclusive old gossiped-about fisherman with one hook for a hand, a peg-leg for a leg, a patch for one eye, and a parrot perched on his shoulder is a character who bodes well for Metin Karayaka’s great story, Benice. I’m sure one can speculate on Mr. Ice’s true profession, even without the grand illustrations provided by Mr. Eason. The young boy, Levend, who retells his tale later on in life, comes to the longed-for revelation appetizingly late in his telling. One has come to suspect by then that Ben Ice is but an allegory.

All in all it is a wonderful read worth giving the time. Adventurous and full of love and friendship.


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Tee Wai

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