Interview with Rani Ramakrishnan

Tee: What made you write Lethal Acoustics?

Rani: In February last year, I started a weekly newsletter in which I shared one short story a week with my readers. I came up with The Quack House to create a common thread to my weekly stories. My last two books Here to Hear and Lethal Acoustics were born out of these stories.

Tee: Tell us more about your previous works.

Rani: I launched my debut book titled Twice Blessed (A Spirited Thriller about a Scandalous Crime) in Sep 2017. 

Twice Blessed is the story of a young college student Tamannah. An unpleasant incident involving a friend of hers affects her badly. She sets out to find out the truth behind the incident and discovers something horrifying and unimaginable. Things turn ugly and her crusade for her friend becomes a struggle for her own identity. What is the uncomfortable truth and how it affects her is the crux of the story.

Released in Nov 2018, Here to Hear is the first book in the Quack House Series.

Comprised of five short stories, the book traces the life of a happy couple, Manju and Sunil after she sets up an unconventional venture, The Quack House (TQH).

In the current age, when people have no time to lend a sympathetic ear to even their loved ones, Manju feels a professional venture that offers to listen to whatever a person has to say is exactly what the society needed. Her husband Sunil disagrees but Manju gets her way and TQH is set up.

What follows is captured in a bunch of tales.:

  • The Quack House
  • Stinky Smelly Horseshit Lessons
  • First Among Equals
  • Love Bytes
  • The Golden Egg Laying Goose

Tee: How will you describe your writing style?

Rani: I begin writing once I have a clear idea about the central characters and the main plot.

Like most writers, I love language. So I use the thesaurus extensively while writing. As far as the stories are concerned, I try to keep them crisp and fast paced. All my books can be read in a single sitting, irrespective of the word length. With every book I strive to entertain and break a few clichés (if possible).

Tee: What challenges did you face while writing this book?

Rani: This story was reasonably easy to write because it needed minimal research. I had to look up a few things like evolving bomb technologies, Indian police hierarchy, etc. Other than that, the central characters had many layers and writing about them was more fun than work.

Tee: What are your upcoming books?

Rani: I have a few in the pipeline. The plan is to release the next book in the summer. I am unable to reveal details at this point but it will be a full-length book, a disruptive thriller and will feature a woman in the lead.

Tee: Do you only write in the thriller genre?

Rani: As I explained earlier, so far I have penned short stories apart from disruptive thrillers. Maybe in the future, I will venture into other genres as well.

Tee: How can readers contact you?

Rani: I am on



Twitter – They can also drop me an email at:

Read the review here


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