Interview with Zeenat Mahal

Zeenat Mahal has written 7 books. All of them are available on Amazon. She has an MFA in creative writing and all her books have been in the top ten Amazon bestsellers list. Her book She Loves Me And He Loves Me Not debuted at number 1 on Amazon Asian books category in 2015. Her books have featured in Bookriot lists of must-read books and also in other must-read lists in magazines and online platforms. She has also been featured on Mangobaaz.
Tee: When did you begin writing and in what genre?
Zeenat: I began writing seriously in 2012 when I finished my first novella Haveli and it got published with a Canadian e-publishing house. I have written contemporary romance so far. The Historian and the Hunter is my first urban fantasy novel.
Tee: Who are the writers that inspire you?
Zeenat: I enjoy reading Barabara Tayor Bradford, Judith McNaught, Julia Quinn but my favourite is Nora Roberts. She is super savvy and inspiring as a writer and as a business woman.
Tee: How did you come up with the idea of The Historian and the Hunter?
Zeenat: Honestly I can never really recall how I started thinking of any setting or novel but my clearest memory is usually of my main character’s voice. TH&TH is about the relationship of the sisters as well as monster hunting.
Tee: Who are the writers of recent day who you feel stand out amongst the others?
Zeenat: I really enjoy Reet Singh, Falguni Kothari, Sonali Dev, Adore Banerjie, Jazz Singh, Preeti Venugopalia and Sara Naveed.
Tee: What are your previous books about?
Zeenat: Haveli is about a young woman who resists an arranged marriage and a greedy father. It’s a coming of age, what distance does to lovers book. The Contract is a second chance, marriage of convenience plot. She Loves Me and He Loves Me Not is a contemporary take on Beauty and the Beast. The Accidental Fiancee is a short story of what life does to lovers, a pair of university fellows who meet after years. Twice Upon a Time has two stories. One from Jazz Singh and one from me. They’re about young love and growth.
Tee: What books are you working on next?
Zeenat: I am working on a series of wedding and marriage theme based novellas. They will be five books in the series. The first one will come out is September. Their themes will vary from second chances to revenge and marriage of convenience. These are some of my favourite romance tropes.
Tee: How do you describe your writing style?
Zeenat: I think it’s contemporary with a heavy mix of irony and humour. Some books are less so, of course but I really enjoy writing banter between my protagonists.
Tee: How can readers reach you?
Zeenat: Readers can find me on
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