The Long Body That Connects Us All by Rich Marcello

It is in the context of the larger chain of feelings that are equally felt by all and that everyone wants to feel as well.


Title: The Long Body That Connects Us All

Author: Rich Marcello

Publisher: Langdon Street Press

Date of Publication: 9 January 2018

Rating: 5/5

A collection of heartfelt poetry to savour for every poetry lover.

“After that, he, just a teenager,

too young to know better,

did the only thing he could:

He followed.”
A piece of bark, porchwork, cowboy boots and everything ordinary is the subject of Marcello’s poetry collection The Long Body That Connects Us All. Yet, it is his poignant, powerful and observant style that pierces the words to make things extraordinary. The poems are written in three parts- In the Coming, Yab Yum and Aether.

The first part deals with the relations that tie people together and the various roles they play within these relations that define their existence. Though that fulfills their societal and familial roles but those are not enough to wade away existential woes. The focus is on the emotions felt at the birth of a grandson or the joys of playing in a tree house. It is in the context of the larger chain of feelings that are equally felt by all and that everyone wants to feel as well. The second part maintains the subtlety but engages in the tougher passions which are equally inescapable. It deals with everyday things, things of the here and now, in English class, observations on thanksgiving and so on. Yab Yum is the last poem in this section. The third part gets emotional and abstract. The poem The Long Body precedes Aether which is the last poem of that section and of the book as well.

The poems are short and easy to read. Images of hope, loss, maturity, sacrifice and helplessness are realised through those everyday objects that surround almost all of us. These objects receive a very different signification which is oriented to the poet’s personal experiences. Nothing is overdone or utterly romanticized and though realistic the verse flows with an ease that is commendable. The whole collection can be read in a single sitting if so desired though it’s not recommendable as the poems may appear simple but have realistic and ironic twists that seem to suggest at a lot more than what is written.

The collection is earthy and life like. Marcello observes the nuances of every other things around him and converts that into the emotions that resonate with those days or things. The collection also hints at a poet who has experienced as much as he has observed and is capable of soaking it all in. It is  merely a long body that connects us all and it is in these human connections that we redefine ourselves going on to prove that we’re all similar and part of the human race.

Profound and full of positivity.

“Belong to no one except yourself.

In times of great love, take a deep

breath and remember love is fullest

when you don’t lose yourself.”

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Author: Tee Wai

Tee Wai is an avid reader, a book reviewer and an aspiring writer. Follow the blog for some exciting updates!

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