Interview with Max Micallef

“The subtitle of the book is actually the time frame of the intensity of my depression/anxiety, a major love life experience, and then the creation of the book itself.”

A New Yorker at heart, Micallef is from the tri-state area and often resides in the city.  He’s a politics/government junkie, spiritual but not religious and very into homeopathic living. His sun sign is Gemini; Moon Sign is Scorpio; Rising/Ascendant Sign Sagittarius; Venus Sign Cancer and Mercury Sign Gemini to name a few. He can be contacted through his email for more about his natal chart or talks on astrology and/or Numerology.  His life path number is 3 and his current personal (or world) year number is 6.  He’s gay, single, and ready to mingle but so over the lust scene. Insightful/intuitive, blunt, and ambitious/driven are three words that he’d use to describe himself. Biblichor has an amazing time up close and personal with this budding writer/poet.


Tee: What has been the inspiration behind this book?

Max: I have always felt emotions on an intense level. Being an empath, I feel other people’s emotions as though they are my own, or at least pick-up on other people’s not-so-obvious feelings and emotions. Not to confuse this though with being easily excited or general hyper-ness. Though this ability brings great intuitiveness, great pain can come along with it. I decided to create something good out of this pain being a combo of the mentioned empathy, genetic depression/anxiety, and trying to live life through these variables. I hope people read this collection and have an “ah-ha” moment on their journey of life. Some sense of connection their innate self.

Tee: Since when have you been writing? Do you feel writing as therapeutic?

Max: I can’t remember when I started writing. Writing to me being even jotting-down bits of stream of conscious or moments you have with yourself. Writing is definitely therapeutic to me. It’s a very clear channel to the self. I write down what comes out then organize after. It’s one of the closest ways I objectively view my perspective, experience/journey, and overall being.

Tee: How long did it take you to complete writing this book?

Max: The subtitle of the book is actually the time frame of the intensity of my depression/anxiety, a major love life experience, and then the creation of the book itself. Out of the subtitle’s time range I would say the year, ending around May, 2017 even though the book was published in July, included the main organization/putting-together of the book. Most of the collection I wrote during the low point half the book is about then well later or after the suicide attempt I organized or put-together.




Tee: What are the main ideas that you want readers to take away from this book?

Max: I want readers to take anything they take out of this book that promotes any internal awakening for them, or anything positive in relation for that matter. We are the teachers and students of each other. When i have moments of wisdom or clarity or the “ah-ha” moments I mentioned before, it’s such a pure and grounded feeling like no other, and I want others to experience that as well.

Tee: What are the projects that you’re working on at the moment?

Max: I am currently working on another piece of writing about our current, and position speaking, illegitimate federal administration. It’s also in poetry form; specifically the found poetry style. But I say illegitimate because because the people that make-up this administration are not allowing themselves to just live and be. I see them, whether in a literal or non-literal sense because I don’t know their private lives, as having a crucial low-point in their lives as I did that in the end is beneficial to their growth but is difficult to process and experience because they were all given positions of power simultaneously like my low-point simultaneous with a prominent experience in my love life. Because of this, what proceeds is then actions and behavior on their self-journey that are not coming from their innate self. I feel both anger and upset towards their actions and behavior because of the people they are hurting. I am a proud member of the resistance. However, I hope with all of this the people of this administration learn to love themselves.

Tee: How can readers, admirers and fans reach you?

Max: Anyone for any anything or reason can contact my more professional or work email

Tee: Thank you so much for your time Max. It was a joy catching up with you. Waiting eagerly for your upcoming books.

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Author: Tee Wai

Tee Wai is an avid reader, a book reviewer and an aspiring writer. Follow the blog for some exciting updates!

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