New Age: 2 Books In 1 – Enhance Your Life With “Astral Projection” & “Lucid Dreaming” (New Age Series) by Tabitha Zalot

Title: New Age: 2 Books in 1- Enhance Your Life With “Astral Projection” & Lucid Dreaming (New Age Series)

Author: Tabitha Zalot

Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited

Date of Publication: 2 November 2017

Genre: Self-Help

Rating: 5/5

A near death or out of body experience is so intensely vivid that it cannot be physiologically explained. It is a mystery to the one who has and hasn’t experienced it. The existence of a spirit has long been debated but there exist numerous hypotheses and verdicts that sustain and confirm it. Astral projection consists of detaching the spiritual form from the bodily one. Is there anything more awe inspiring than the idea of implicit eternity?

The book begins by elaborating on the historical references of astral projection as seen in religious doctrines and cultures including those of ancient Egypt, Taoist practices and Hinduism. From Plato to Socrates, Pliny and Plutarch, dreams and experiences that correspond to astral travel have been extensively recorded. The astral plane is perceived as a middle light between Heaven and Earth, populated by angelic and demonic entities in philosophical systems such as Theosophy and Hermeticism. These hypnotic like states and mental representations also find prevalence in Literature and Art famously seen in Dante Alighieri’s Divina Commedia. Scientific experiments to induce out of body experiences have not done enough to clarify the nature of these experiences. It is assumed that a fifth dimension is usually chosen that can be occupied by various entities or can be un-populated. Astral projection, however, has been an important instrument in understanding the process of dying. Midway through the book comes the chapter on the sensorial signs and psychosomatic signs of a person experiencing the astral projection which is starkly different from a dream or a vision.

This forms the turning point of the book that moves into a step by step guide towards actually travelling the astral plane. The physical and mental preparations needed to be taken are mentioned concisely. The segment about Top 10 easiest and Most Effective Astral Travel Techniques is very interesting. The book states the many benefits of astral projection such as metaphysical awakening, enhanced imagination and extrasensory abilities, personal growth, time travel, liberation from the fear of death which the author claims provides complete self coordination. But can the astral projection also be dangerous? Zalot provides ample information about the pros and cons and the book is vividly illuminating about an aspect that is little understood despite several supplicants and claimants.

Have you ever had a dream that you wanted to re-dream? Coined as ‘lucid dreaming’ in 1913 by Frederick van Eeden, it refers to the action of immersing oneself in a dream while being aware of dreaming. A lucid dream presents itself like an alternate reality. It is much sharper than a normal dream which may feel pretty much a daze.

Zalot begins by making some controversial statements that lucid dreaming is completely voluntary and lucid dreamers employ reality checks. Lucidity requires practicing a clarity of mind. However, lucid dreaming and dream control are not the same things. Lucid dreaming can be a preparation for out of body experiences in which one can get away from the body and watch it from above. No matter how fantastical it sounds, the bigger question is why would anybody want to involve in it?

Zalot argues that creativity is let loose during the dreaming process through which one can transcend the barriers of consciousness and maybe even to visualise and fulfil unexplored pleasures. The book further highlights common means to induce lucid dreams with and without technology, drugs and supplements. Emotional and cognitive experiences comprise the apex of meaningful dreams. The book also provides some dream control methods that help in maintaining lucidity.

Now whether you are metaphysically inclined or just curious about the world of dreams this is a great book to indulge in some thought provoking escapism.

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