Conspiracies: 2 Books In 1 – Conspiracies & Organized Crime (Conspiracies Series) by Alex Monaldo

The American Mob is acknowledged to be among the most significant organised crime instances. The underworld communities only get more complicated with the addition of women to an otherwise male dominated field.


Title: Conspiracies: 2 in 1- Conspiracies & Organised Crime (Conspiracies Series)

Author: Alex Monaldo

Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited

Date of Publication: 2 November 2017

Genre: History/ Politics

Rating: 5/5

“There is no history of mankind, there are only many histories of all kinds of aspects of human life. And one of these is the history of political power. This is elevated into the history of the world.”

-Karl Popper

A book of intriguing facts about the secretive workings of You-Know-Who. Those who’ve already read Monaldo’s Conspiracies: Conspiracy Theories- The most famous Conspiracies Including: The New World Order, False Flags, Government Cover -Ups, CIA, & FBI will find the first book in the bundle repetitive.

In a fervent attempt to uncover the truth behind some of the greatest mysteries of the world, Mondalo brings this fascinating book full of intriguing theories and factual data bound to stir the spirit. The book argues that the real functioning of the world is run by people that are hidden behind dark curtains of unknown mysteries and can never be caught. Apparently, real power does not lie with the elected leaders. The elected leaders are merely puppets in the hands of a pantheon of enlightened individuals who have distorted the Chain of Being in presenting themselves as a Godly pantheon with the power dominate and abuse.

The book begins with the establishment of the New World Order and Freemasonry that have inscribed in the very Constitution of American politics certain symbolic secrets. Only those who can decipher these will understand a hidden meaning. Assuming the Biblical testimony of the End times is believed by all, Monaldo shows religious inclinations as the basis of understanding and reaching his speculations. A lot of facts are supported with logical evidence but most of it seems like an educated assumption. Monaldo does not coax the reader into coming to any rigid conclusions; making the book highly autonomous. The spirit of free thinking and democracy is maintained. It is claimed that a lot of these institutions is based on occult practices that have pagan roots.

Certain assertions may come across as a little instinctive such as the idea of the Illuminati having started the French revolution although history notes the pioneers of the French Revolution to be Napoleon, Robespierre and others. However, it is surprisingly true that Freemasonry played an important role in the French Revolution which began apolitically but was radicalised by the late 18th century. Now whether one agrees to it or laughs its off as a joke, Monaldo accepts the idea that there is no denying the fact that such organisations are very well capable of pulling off such acts. The book further charts down a lot of recent debacles such as 9/11 attacks, spread of cancer as a man- made disease of the pharmacological industry, functioning of the music industry and addresses their chief conspirators to be the Illuminati or its allies. Like any conspiracy theory it all sounds like a porridge of unbelievable ideas that ultimately depends on whether one believes it or not. There are endless angularities to this topic that is highly controversial and debatable.

Nevertheless, the book presents some very startling ideas that are bound to rattle any reader’s mind who’s never come across this before. From false flags, chem trails, mysteries behind the 9/11 attacks, Bermuda triangle stories and the rise of militant groups, the author mentions the loopholes and inconsistencies in the investigation of these events. Every chapter ends with a “What to Believe” section that provides a balanced guidance to the reader so that they don’t get carried away by these facts. Some ideas are bizarre and others are too strange to be processed. It might as well be laughed off as a joke entirely except perhaps for some Dan Brown fans. But the book also provides proof of some conspiracy theories that did happen in real. Towards the end it becomes an index of well known and unknown conspiracy theories. Monaldo seems to be urging his readers to be diligent and continue to remain sceptical instead of blindly believing anything and everything that is presented before their eyes.

The Dark Lords have widely extended tentacles seeping in serial killings, money laundering, drugs, prostitution and a series of unimaginable criminal records. Derived from an Arabic phrase which means “protection from the arrogance of the powerful”, the mafia are also referred to as Cosa Nostra in Sicily. Joining the Mafia is like being a part of a religious order and Sicilian clans carry out ceremonies to inaugurate the arrival of newer members.

Separate from the Italian is the American Mafia with a similar structure but very different functionalities. Considering the Mafia as a huge reptilian body, the author begins by explaining the amount and purpose of the far reaching tentacles. The stories of corruption are multifarious but despite that their influence goes a long way. Murder is conveyed as an imperative measure and all its nitty gritty including the planning, anticipation and execution is a part of the larger ensemble of an excellently organised crime. The book provides detailed biographical and historical evidence about some infamous hitmen who have killed for a living. Abe “Kid Twist” Reles, Giovanni Brusca, Guiseppo Greco, Roy de Meo, Richard “Ice Man” Kuklinski and their blood curdling criminal careers are horrendously appalling to say the least.

The American Mob is acknowledged to be among the most significant organised crime instances. The underworld communities only get more complicated with the addition of women to an otherwise male dominated field. While the Cosa Nostra has remained away from engaging with prostitutes, in the Neapolitan Camorra of Naples pimping women is common practice. However, drug and female trafficking turns out to be a lucrative business that goes hand in hand with the ways of the mafia. A List of Less Known Facts about the Mafia has bullet points that are highly informative along with brief details about some of the most famous mafia gangsters. However, nothing beats the chapter on the five mafia families of New York City which startlingly redefines family bonding. Monaldo claims that the mafia is a rather calm organisation with gentlemanly behaviour and successful business ethics that veers political associations. In the case of drug cartels things are very different with a lot of loan sharking, money laundering, robbery, hijacking, bribery, gun trafficking, assault and murder. The book also has some very explicit information about Yakuza and the Triads which comprise a clan of Japanese syndicates. Monaldo argues that despite people’s ignorance, the mafia is ever rampant and notorious criminality is here to stay.

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Author: Tee Wai

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