Christmas by the Sea(Surf’s Up) by Beth Wiseman

Title: Christmas by the Sea( Surf’s Up)

Author: Beth Wiseman

Publisher: Beth Wiseman

Date of Publication: 4 November 2016

Genre: Short Story/ Novella

Rating: 4/5

Nature’s Fury brings together two complete strangers.

A man is drowning in the middle of a raging hurricane. His hands can barely be noticed as he tries to shout for help. As he gets tossed from one end to another by the burgeoning tides, he contemplates dying instead. It is the thought of his little son that makes Parker struggle for life. But how long will he be able to keep his spirits high while his energies vanquish under the engulfing waters?

This short novella of barely fifty pages finds a relieving twist with the arrival of Alex at the rescue site. She makes frantic efforts to call 911. With gushing winds tearing at everything around, she can only manage to guide the operator to her location before the lines go dead. Racing against time and the final cries of a helpless man, she locks her car and decides to dive into the reckless waters only to realise that it is of little use trying to battle a furious Mother Nature. The story gets dense as they get to know and take a liking towards each other while trying to keep alive. The scenic descriptions and intensity of expression is commendable. What is most appealing is the emotional content of the individuals and the situation. Rescue teams eventually arrive but will Alex ever get to know whether Parker made it alive? Will Parker remember his saviour even if he did live through?

Heart touching story of life’s bitter sweet conspiracies.

Click the book cover to grab your copy. Happy Reading!


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