Megan’s Munchkins by Pamela Foland

But through it all, both Megan and her readers will realise the practical difficulties of raising an animal that does not survive on mere warm hugs.


Title: Megan’s Munchkins( Megan’s World) Volume I

Author: Pamela Foland

Publisher: Sonny’s Legacy Publishing

Date of Publication: 21 June 2017

Genre: Children’s Literature

Rating: 4.3/5

Fun filled adventures with a bunch of furry feline friends.

Megan wants a pet. However, her parents don’t consider her responsible enough to care for one. A young adult of 13, Megan considers herself old enough to look after one. But her persistence is useless in the face of constant disapprovals from a family that suffers from periodic allergies. Little does Megan know that one fine morning her longing will come true leaving her with no other option but to adopt a litter of four.

Megan is no ordinary teenager. She is fairly aware of her duties and knows the expectations and faith that her family places in her. She tries to balance those with her own wishes of having a pet. Unlike grumpy or demanding teens, Megan is mature and compliant. She wants to prove herself and make get her way but not go against anyone or displease anybody. The nuances of emotions and thoughts that are relayed in Megan’s mind are well captured throughout the narrative. More interesting are the creative and quirky ideas that young Megan has to think up in order to keep her find a secret in the closet. Her parents are strict but not overbearing. They take interest in their children’s lives and keep learning about their assignments or work. With sneaking out of school regularly and her pile of lies growing each day, Megan stresses about being caught and detained. Yet the guilt doesn’t push her to confess. But is lying justified even if it is for a good cause? With the constant meowing and purring how long will Megan be able to keep her secret undiscovered?

 Megan’s Munchkins is Pamela Foland’s debut novel in the Megan’s World Series. Inspired by Foland’s own experiences of bringing in stray dogs and injured birds while growing up in Plano, Texas; the novel is reflective of the extent of love and devotion that a caregiver can selflessly provide. Beyond reflecting the innocent queries and longings of childhood, the book has some serious morals to teach. Children are bound to associate their own feelings with Megan’s sorrow of being turned down, her thrill on discovering the litter and be dazzled by her dedication towards raising the kittens to the best of her abilities. But through it all, both Megan and her readers will realise the practical difficulties of raising an animal that does not survive on mere warm hugs. Raising a pet means providing proper nourishment, hygiene, regular trips to the veterinary clinic and consistent funding. Megan’s reliable presence by the side of these motherless kittens, her independent initiative and philanthropic behaviour mirrors the dedication that a good pet owner provides as opposed to those who fail to look after adopted animals; in turn mistreating and abandoning them. Above all, it is her focused research and study about these animals from dependable sources that forms the very basis of being able to successfully nurture them.

For the sheer delights of looking after and watching another life bloom to its fullest with assisted care.

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Author: Tee Wai

Tee Wai is an avid reader, a book reviewer and an aspiring writer. Follow the blog for some exciting updates!

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