Paganism by Larry L Jackson

Title: Paganism

Author: Larry J Jackson

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Date of Publication: 15 January 2019

Rating: 5/5

Crisp and crystal clear, Paganism seeks to define and explain what paganism is and what its roots are. It is full of new information that is both enticing and educative.

The book further busts several myths about the misunderstood concepts of paganism, the similarities it may hold to other world religious and ofcourse the places of difference.

The Pre historic pagan belief is one such topic that finds important place in the book at the very beginning. It deals with Ancient Greek paganism, Zeus, Hades, Poseidon and Hermes, The Roman Gods, Egyptian Gods and Norse mythology.

Paganism stands at the root of every modern belief. Hence, it is what influences and affects all beliefs. We need to understand this concept well in order to understand paganism better. Short and sweet, ,this guide is a one stop destination to quickly clear all doubts regarding paganism.


Music Theory For Beginners by Forslund Music

Title: Music Theory for Beginners

Author: Forslund Music

Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited

Date of Publication: 11 January 2019

Rating: 5/5

Most of us can feel a tingling in our body when we hear music that enthralls us and soothes us. However, not too many of us understand what makes up this music. Yes, it is the theoretical aspects of music that Music Theory for Beginners deals with.

In 11 crisp chapters, the book details technicalities that will help readers understand music better. It is a brilliant book if one chooses to compose original music. The book is written in the form of short chapters that serve as guidelines for the basics. These guidelines are presented in a well organised manner.

All of the chapters are equally interesting and provide valuable information. They can be read in a chronological manner of in a haphazard way but they all provide vital points that need to be kept in mind while trying to get a grip of music theory. Though theoretical, its not a boring book. Some important and interesting chapters include Clefs and their musical purpose and minor and major scales. These notes are also represented on scales pictorially that allow for ease of understanding and representation.

How to Compose Music for Beginners by Forslund Music

Title: How to Compose Music for Beginners

Author: Forslund Music

Publisher: Forslund Music UÜ; 1 edition 

Date of Publication: 11 January 2019

Rating: 5/5

Signing up for Forslund Music can help you receive the top seven tools for a modern composer. If that is not incentive enough then there’s more to this book than meets the eye. With a simple yet sophisticated cover page, the book is divided into 16 chapters that encompass the various ends of what is necessary to compose good music.

To unleash the tidal waves of creativity inside of you, the book provides 16 chapters of easy steps that can be followed to create new music. The book defines melody and what it comprises of. With the help of bullet points at the ends of chapters, the book enlists main questions that may arise in the mind of the reader that are answered further in the successive chapters.

The book is full of interesting and new information such as finding the golden ratio, trying retrograde, inversion, diminution and augmentation. It is very helpful to find the various aspects of music composition all under one roof in a single short yet crisp book.

The note compositions have been drawn as and when required and it forms for a useful depiction along with the short write ups.

Benice by Metin Karayaka

Illustrated beautifully by Rohan Eason, Benice is an enticing and gripping story on board a tiny boat. The great thing about this book is its illustrations are done equally well with the narrative plot. For the most part the novel has a lot of impressionistic aspects to it.

Ben Ice, a reclusive old gossiped-about fisherman with one hook for a hand, a peg-leg for a leg, a patch for one eye, and a parrot perched on his shoulder is a character who bodes well for Metin Karayaka’s great story, Benice. I’m sure one can speculate on Mr. Ice’s true profession, even without the grand illustrations provided by Mr. Eason. The young boy, Levend, who retells his tale later on in life, comes to the longed-for revelation appetizingly late in his telling. One has come to suspect by then that Ben Ice is but an allegory.

All in all it is a wonderful read worth giving the time. Adventurous and full of love and friendship.

Interview with Rani Ramakrishnan

Tee: What made you write Lethal Acoustics?

Rani: In February last year, I started a weekly newsletter in which I shared one short story a week with my readers. I came up with The Quack House to create a common thread to my weekly stories. My last two books Here to Hear and Lethal Acoustics were born out of these stories.

Tee: Tell us more about your previous works.

Rani: I launched my debut book titled Twice Blessed (A Spirited Thriller about a Scandalous Crime) in Sep 2017. 

Twice Blessed is the story of a young college student Tamannah. An unpleasant incident involving a friend of hers affects her badly. She sets out to find out the truth behind the incident and discovers something horrifying and unimaginable. Things turn ugly and her crusade for her friend becomes a struggle for her own identity. What is the uncomfortable truth and how it affects her is the crux of the story.

Released in Nov 2018, Here to Hear is the first book in the Quack House Series.

Comprised of five short stories, the book traces the life of a happy couple, Manju and Sunil after she sets up an unconventional venture, The Quack House (TQH).

In the current age, when people have no time to lend a sympathetic ear to even their loved ones, Manju feels a professional venture that offers to listen to whatever a person has to say is exactly what the society needed. Her husband Sunil disagrees but Manju gets her way and TQH is set up.

What follows is captured in a bunch of tales.:

  • The Quack House
  • Stinky Smelly Horseshit Lessons
  • First Among Equals
  • Love Bytes
  • The Golden Egg Laying Goose

Tee: How will you describe your writing style?

Rani: I begin writing once I have a clear idea about the central characters and the main plot.

Like most writers, I love language. So I use the thesaurus extensively while writing. As far as the stories are concerned, I try to keep them crisp and fast paced. All my books can be read in a single sitting, irrespective of the word length. With every book I strive to entertain and break a few clichés (if possible).

Tee: What challenges did you face while writing this book?

Rani: This story was reasonably easy to write because it needed minimal research. I had to look up a few things like evolving bomb technologies, Indian police hierarchy, etc. Other than that, the central characters had many layers and writing about them was more fun than work.

Tee: What are your upcoming books?

Rani: I have a few in the pipeline. The plan is to release the next book in the summer. I am unable to reveal details at this point but it will be a full-length book, a disruptive thriller and will feature a woman in the lead.

Tee: Do you only write in the thriller genre?

Rani: As I explained earlier, so far I have penned short stories apart from disruptive thrillers. Maybe in the future, I will venture into other genres as well.

Tee: How can readers contact you?

Rani: I am on



Twitter – They can also drop me an email at:

Read the review here

Magic Morning Rituals: The Magic of a Morning Ritual for Starting your Day Productively, and Finishing it a Champion! (Endless Abundance Book 3) Kindle Edition by Carri Powers

Title: Magic Morning Rituals

Author: Carri Powers

Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited

Rating: 5/5

Divided into 8 chapters, Magic Morning Rituals is all about the amazing practices that you can incorporate into your daily life to bring about a magical glow to your face.

Magic morning rituals is a book written in order to create the best way for the reader to begin their morning. By using power posing and discussing the importance of a morning ritual it assists the reader in making sure the day in one’s life is not devalued or wasted. Things like exercise, have a good breakfast and coffee weren’t that novel.

The book also claims that these morning rituals bring success and prosperity. Well, one can only be too sure once one has practiced and experienced these in their lives. The four examples provided in the book are exquisite and pave the way for practicality and easy adoption.

Lethal Acoustics by Rani Ramakrishnan

Title: Lethal Acoustics

Author: Rani Ramakrishnan

Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited

Date of Publication: December 2018

Rating: 4/5

The sequel to The Quack House, Lethal Acoustics immediately grabs the reader’s attention not just by its name but its brilliantly done cover. Added to the bright purple background colour is the presence of a wave of sound that flows past two joggers who seem to be crashed by a time bomb. What’s going on you may say? Well, its too lethal is the only answer.

Written in a lucid and easy to read style, Lethal Acoustics arouses interest in ways more than one. The story revolves around Manju and Sunil.
The protagonist Manju has suffered a major trauma over ten years ago, for which she had therapy. She decides to start her own venture where she can hear others’ problems, and offer possible solutions. This is her ‘Quack House’, her dream venture run by her and financed by her husband Sunil. Manju is humble and hard working while Sunil is a caring and supportive husband.

One day unusual sounds in the Quack House bring everyone to a state of alarm. What is this sound and who is behind this cacophony? The author’s superior writing style is the cherry on the cake for an intricately built plot line that is charming to say the least. Set at 62 pages, the book is a short read and thoroughly gripping with full of suspense. With proper characterisation and well built climaxes, this multiple climaxed novel is a quick but enthralling read on the go.